Dad Will Never Find Out – S1:E6


Dad Will Never Find Out – S1:E6 – Skylar Green can’t believe it when she walks in on Tyler watching some porn! At first shes offended. But she soon realizes that it’s kind of a turn on. She would love to help this guy take care of his raging boner, if only he’ll help her get her bald horny pussy off. Just as they’re getting down to business. Tyler’s step-mom Licious Gia walks in on them and decides to join in on the fun and show her step son the ropes. But only after they both pinkie swear that Tyler’s dad will never find out about the raunchy antics! Once they’re sworn to secrecy, Licious gets things started by pulling out her huge tits. Then giving Tyler a deep-throat blowjob while Skylar watches and learns from the best.

Big Jugs

Then she uses her tits to their full potential, rubbing them over her man’s dick. Finally Skylar can’t stand to just watch. She wants her turn at sucking her man’s cock, so she jumps on in alongside Licious. Next, Licious coaches Skylar’s beau on the best way to eat out a pussy. She’s so turned on by watching, that she masturbates her horny snatch. Especially after Skylar starts licking and suckling her rock hard nipples! Licious takes Skylar’s man for a test drive first. Mounting him by sitting in his lap and sliding down his stiffy until her dripping bald snatch totally filled with cock.

She’s still in teacher mode. Showing Skylar a few new positions that her step-daughter can’t wait to try out. Even sneaking a few naughty licks of Skylar’s juicy twat. Everything comes to a culmination when Skylar takes her own ride. Bouncing eagerly on her man’s rod while eating out her step-mom’s dripping fuck hole. Seconds after achieving their orgasms, Skylar and Licious use a handjob to get Skylar’s man off. Then bend down to lick his love juices off of his stomach to hide the evidence of their fuck fest. Dad Will Never Find Out

Date: January 28, 2020

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